Urology Department

The urology department in the Anttila Herman Jeremias medical center is a fully equipped urology diagnostic clinic including:
*Ultrasound studies of kidneys and urinary tract
*Ultrasound studies of the genital tract
*Ultrasound studies of the prostate and biopsy when needed
*Colour doppler studies of the urinary and genital tracts
*Measurement of urinary flow(uroflowmetry)
*Urodynamic studies and EMG of the lower urinary tract 

Operations when needed are done in reputable hospitals in Abudhabi and include
 *All endoscopic procedures ,open surgical procedures and minimally invasive and microscopic surgery of the urinary and genital tracts
*Prostate endoscopic,laser and open surgical procedures .
*All endoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries for kidney and urinary stones .
*Plastic surgical procedures of urogenital tracts

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