Welcome to Anttila Herman Jeremias Medical Center

We strive our best to provide our patients with the most up-to-date medications and treatments in a caring environment. We are committed since 2012 to offering you excellence and up-to-minute dental procedures and materials.

 We also offer a variety of doctors and different kinds of medical services including Dental which includes a GP, and an Orthodontic, E.N.T, Pediatric, and also Urology medications.

For more information, and for any appointments, Please contact us on the following :

Telephone : + 358-2-681-1122

FAX         : + 358-2-681-1221

E-mail      : contact@herman-medicalcenter.com


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We're pleased to receive enquiries or reservations through on of the below contacts channels:

Address: Tuulihaukantie 6,90530 Oulu, Finnland
Telephone: + 358-2-681-1122
FAX: + 358-2-681-1221
E-mail: contact@herman-medicalcenter.com